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San Damiano cloisterbox"The Spirit of Assisi"
Testimonials by extraordinary people about an extraordinary place.
Available in English, Italian.
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box"Francis and Clare of Assisi"
Two figures of the Middle Ages who went against all conventions of the times.
Available in English, Italian, Spanish.
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box"St. Clare of Assisi"
A woman who reached the highest summits of Christian mysticism and who knew how to defend her decisions alone.
Available in English, Italian, Spanish.
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box"Assisi in Silence"
The hidden network by the clergy of Assisi that saved persecuted Jews during WWII.
Available in English, Italian.
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box"Poor Clares - a Hidden Presence"
The Poor Clares in this video speak of life inside the walls of a cloistered convent.
Available in English, Italian, Spanish.
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box"The Passion of Christ according to St. Francis"
St. Francis chose and elaborated several Bible verses to help his companions better understand Christ’s suffering.
Available in English, Italian, Spanish, German.
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box"The Testament of St. Francis"
The Testament of St. Francis, an expression of the saint’s last will.
Available in English, Italian, Spanish, German.
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box"Giotto - His Life and Art"
The life and entire artistic production of Giotto, considered the greatest of all the Italian gothic painters.
Available in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian.
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The ancient civilization of the Umbrians, the extraordinary architecture of medieval Gubbio and the exciting Corsa dei Ceri.
Available in English, Italian.
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lion fountain
boxOther Documentary Productions

Benedetto XVI ad Assisi
The visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Assisi (June 17, 2007) in honor of the 800th anniversary of the conversion of St. Francis. Available in Italian.

Il Papa nella terra di San Francesco

The papal visits to Assisi of 1962, 1986, 1993 and 2002. Available in Italian.

Padre Evangelista Nicolini, O dell'Amore per la musica

Biography of the founder of the Cantori di Assisi, Fr. Evangelista Nicolini, brilliant musician and educator loved by generations in Assisi. Available in Italian.

Colligere Fragmenta
Testimonials and memories of Assisi 1943-44. Available in Italian.

Disàmina breve sull'opera di Arnaldo Fortini
Testimonial and memories of Arnaldo Fortini by Fr. Lino Temperini. Available in Italian.

Comunione nella Diversità
Biography of the retiring Bishop of Assisi, Mons. Sergio Goretti and of his successor, Mons. Domenico Sorrentino. Available in Italian.

Christmas in Assisi
Assisi in wintery snow and presepi (nativity scenes) set to the music of Silent Night. Available in Italian and English.

Assisi 1943-1944 - Testimoni per una Memoria del Bene
Testimonials of the efforts to save lives in German occupied Assisi during 1943-44. Available in Italian.